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Aug 06, 2017

My Chains Are Gone: I Am Free

Speaker: Ron Burcham

Series: My Chains Are Gone

God’s law was given to show us the extent of our sin, how far we have strayed from what God created us to be. Not only does it convict us of our sin, but in an odd way it shows us the love of God in an even greater fashion. “We are that sinful, that far gone, and yet God chose to rescue us? Incredible.” In a twisted sort of logic than the more we sin the more we see God’s forgiveness and love. Not only is that twisted logic it begs the question; “How well is that self indulgent, sinful life working out for you?” It only leads to more pain and more discontent. We have to be set free from ourselves and our wrong thinking. It is as if we have been set free from the chains of sin only to put them back on again and again.