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    The Forgotten Month

    11.01.17 | by Ron Burcham

    November is like the forgotten month, nothing special going on.  I can hear your objections already.  “What about Thanksgiving?” you cry; how could I forget about Thanksgiving?  I haven’t forgotten about...

      Here I Stand

      09.28.17 | by Ron Burcham

      Here I Stand It was 500 years ago this month that a Monk posted a series of statements, 95 of them to be exact, on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Posting notices on the church door was a common practice and this Monk had some things on...

        Airports and Respect

        09.27.17 | by Ron Burcham

        Airports and Respect As part of increased security at all airports you cannot show up early to pick up your friend at the airport and simply park curbside outside the doors to the airport.  I am not sure what the time limit is on how long...

          Lawns and Relationships

          08.02.17 | by Ron Burcham

          I have a small patch of grass in my back yard. When we first moved into our home I thought even I can take care of that small of a lawn. Foolish of me. Some people love to putter around the yard trimming bushes, planting flowers, and...

            Who Really is Rich?

            06.01.17 | by Ron Burcham

            I recently returned from a mission trip to Guatemala. Three churches got together and sent a team to help build three “houses”. I put quotes around houses because what many Guatemalans call a house we would consider it nothing...