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    Lawns and Relationships

    08.02.17 | by Ron Burcham

    I have a small patch of grass in my back yard. When we first moved into our home I thought even I can take care of that small of a lawn. Foolish of me. Some people love to putter around the yard trimming bushes, planting flowers, and...

      Who Really is Rich?

      06.01.17 | by Ron Burcham

      I recently returned from a mission trip to Guatemala. Three churches got together and sent a team to help build three “houses”. I put quotes around houses because what many Guatemalans call a house we would consider it nothing...

        Bound Together

        05.08.17 | by Ron Burcham

        Bound Together If you want to see them you will have to have keen eyesight. Once they were so numerous you literally ran into them unknowingly. Now, they are nearly non-existent and experts predict that within the next month they will be...

          The Perfect Neighborhood

          04.05.17 | by Ron Burcham

          I have been in several gated communities in Chandler and have always been impressed with the security they offer. If you don’t have a card or special device to put in your car the only way into the community is through the gate with a...

            Fake News

            03.09.17 | by Ron Burcham

            I was just on Facebook and one of the side ads show an incubated Tom Selleck with the caption, “Hollywood Loses a Legend!” I thought “Oh no! Not Tom Selleck!” I love Magnum PI, Jesse Stone Movies, and most anything...