Adult Bible Studies

We have a variety of Bible Studies to choose from.  It's a fantastic way to dig deeper into God's Word and fellowship with others at Risen Savior.  

Adult Forum

This adult Bible study meets every Sunday at 8:40 am in the Fellowship Hall.  Topic is: "Christianity and the Competition."  Our country is littered with competing religions & philosophies, each claiming to be right.  We'll look briefly at the secular sources on which the groups base their beliefs and compare them with the Bible.  We'll pay special attention to the more popular groups in our country, such as: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientology, and various cults.  We'll also offer a Christian response, with the assistance of a video by Prof. Paul Maier and other Christian authors.  Join us every Sunday at 8:40 -9:40 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall (note the time is different than the other classes). Pastor Hal & Julie will prepare a brief outline of the material each week.


The Epistles of John
The Acts of the Apostles

Meeting in the Church Conference Room every Sunday morning. For more details, contact Barry Ritchie   or 480-839-1382.  

Written to a group of small house churches by the last living apostle, these letters from John encouraged Christians to live as Jesus had taught. These short letters provide the inspired wisdom needed to live as members of God’s family and fellowship, and also contain important warnings about how to avoid failure in our relationships with Jesus and our Christian community. This study will lead us through each of these three letters to know better what God expects of us, to deepen our faith in Christ, and to strengthen our community of faith here at Risen Savior Lutheran Church.

The Acts of the Apostles (“Acts”) provides the only detailed history found in the Bible of the early years of the church. Covering the first three decades after Jesus ascended to heaven, Acts provides an incredible panorama of life in the 1st century as Peter, Paul, and the first Christians spread the Good News about Christ throughout the Roman Empire. We will read about the events that sent this message from Jerusalem to “the ends of the earth”, compelling the first Christians to sacrifice everything for that faith. This class will lead us through the entire book of Acts to help us better understand our faith and our history, and to inspire us to greater devotion to Jesus and His church.